We Are The Pirate Bar

As a family business with 46 years of history, we have established a strong personality and a following across the globe. With a love for music, cocktails, our car-free island of Hydra, and of course pirates, we have built our brand and now hope to share it with all of you. Our products are always sourced ethically & sustainably using 100% organic cotton.

Melia Kreiling

Pirate Pride

Melia Kreiling, actress and lifelong friend to our family and establishment, is showing her pirate love while wearing one of our tank tops- seen here with her adorable dog, Ouzo.

Our logo has been worn and loved internationally- on the beaches in Thailand and Mexico, on the mountains of Machu Picchu and the Swiss Alps and the cities of NY, Paris, and London and beyond!

Take The Plunge

Our classic unisex tee has even been worn down below with the shipwrecks and the sharks.

  • The Pirate Bar- Hydra Greece

    Our Pirate Pride collection is of the design many of you already know and love. Specific to our establishment on the beautiful island of Hydra, this has all the details for you right on the shirt.

  • Plain and Simple

    Our Skull DJ collection is for those who want only the skull DJ logo- plain and simple without the specifics attached to our cafe/bar.

  • Cocktail Crazy

    UPCOMING: Our newest variation on the classic logo, seen on the new cocktail menu with the hawthorne strainer and stirring spoon- highlighting our love for creating unique cocktails.


Eco-responsible products

With a strong ecological commitment, we use only 100% organic cotton and recycled materials whenever possible.


The people employed are paid fair wages while working in safe conditions without exposure to unnecessary harmful chemicals.

0 plastic delivery

We ship all orders without plastic. Yes, it's true and it is beautiful.

Green printing

Our printing techniques are safe and environmentally friendly: our inks are Oeko-Tex, GOTS and VEGAN labels.

Carbon Neutral Transport Service

We use the world's leading carbon-neutral postal operator
carbon-neutral postal operator to deliver your beautiful parcels.